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  • The Mirror of Yoga

    The Mirror of Yoga

    The Mirror of Yoga is a welcome resource to all yogis who wish to better appreciate the profound philosophy underlying their practice. Richard’s wide-ranging discussion includes the Upanisads and Samkhya philosophies, the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga, and much more. He also explores the role of the guru, chanting, meditation, and the yogi imperative of offering service to others.

  • What Are You Hungry For? Women, Food, and Spirituality

    What Are You Hungry For? Women, Food, and Spirituality

    Women have many secrets. But a woman’s secret relationship with food and her body can overshadow other aspects of her life, filling her with obsession, shame and fear. Many women waste countless years focusing on food and appearance, rather than spending energy on what holds deepest meaning for them in life.

  • Yoga With Richard Freeman: Ashtanga Yoga The Primary Series

    Yoga With Richard Freeman Ashtanga Yoga The Primary Series

    Richard guides students through an in-depth study of Ashtanga’s classic Primary Series of postures. With inspiring precision, he demonstrates the continuous, dynamic flow, and the internal forms and techniques that characterize this type of yoga. As he demonstrates each posture, his clear explanation of alignment and form facilitates an understanding of how the postures may be approached. The Primary series will help to ignite your inner “fire” and awaken the nervous system to its natural vital state. A must for anyone interested in Ashtanga Yoga.

  • Yoga with Richard Freeman, Introduction to Ashtanga

    Yoga with Richard Freeman Introduction to Ashtanga

    Particularly useful to beginners and those looking for a less vigorous practice than illustrated in Richard’s Primary Series CD, “Intro To Ashtanga” introduces you to Ashtanga’s classic postures and clearly demonstrates how the flowing vinyasa system works. Richard details the Sun Salutation and linking postures that make the Ashtanga series flow gracefully as they awaken deep levels of meditation within. Moving from standing to seated to finishing postures, the tape includes a balanced, hour-long practice, based on the traditional Primary Series.

  • The Yoga Matrix: The Body as a Gateway to Freedom

    The Yoga Matrix The Body as a Gateway to Freedom

    The Yoga Matrix has become revered as an invaluable resource for all students of yoga as a detailed overview of the rich teachings and sutras that inform the many schools of yoga. In the lectures Richard reveals how the body can serve as the ultimate laboratory, temple, and place of pilgrimage for spiritual inquiry. Looking back 5,000 years to early texts, he observes how the living roots of yoga philosophy have grown into many schools, techniques, and philosophies that are united by a vast, interpenetrating “matrix.” This matrix holds the key to understanding yoga’s full depth and greater purpose.

  • Studio Talks: Gazing Dristi

    Studio Talks Gazing Dristi

    Placement of the gaze on a single point inside or outside the body helps the mind to flow into single pointed meditation. In each posture there is a specific Drsti or gaze, which, in some circumstances, is modified as one goes deeper into the practice. In this talk, Richard reveals the complexities and importance of Dristi and explains how the technique is central to the elimination of extraneous tension during the practice. By feeling the palate (the roof of the mouth) as being “empty”, just as when smiling, the prana (inhale) and apana (exhale) can unite and the yoga can become a full meditation in action.

  • Yoga Chants

    Yoga Chants

    Richard’s Yoga Chants is a 2-CD instructional program on the authentic meaning, precise pronunciation, and yogic application of traditional Sanskrit chant. Drawing from the Upanishads and other classical yoga texts, Yoga Chants helps listeners invoke the sacred, to facilitate finding deeper meaning and empowerment in their yoga practice.

  • Yoga Breathing

    Yoga Breathing

    An introduction to pranayama and a remarkable guide for calming the mind through simple breathing exercises. In these CD’s Richard reveals how every breath you take can serve as a guiding thread into the depths of yoga—a place of freedom and immediacy of awareness that begins on the practice mat and gradually extends into each moment of your life. “Yoga Breathing” distills the secrets of this essential inner work into two complete home practice sessions designed to guide you, breath by breath, to greater vitality and health.

  • Studio Talks: Prana

    Studio Talks: Prana

    Prana is breath, life force, inner breath; prana is the substratum of perception. Prana is the substratum of thought, or chita. It is the way that perception is organized into patterns and it is only through patterns and organization that you know something, that you are consciously aware of something. In this “Studio Talk” Richard details the central relevance of awareness of breath to a balanced and full yoga practice and how this awareness draws us into a full and profound understanding of the present moment and reality itself.